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Most people on tumblr won’t reblog this because it doesn’t “fit” their blog. 
Well, this baby girl has a disease. It’s a cancer that is slowly eating up her body. Its called Necrotizing Fasciitis (Flesh-Eating Bacteria). She is currently under serious condition. This was put on tumblr to be reblogged for donations. Each reblog is equivalent to $1. The more reblogs, the more money goes for her treatment. Every 4 hours a child dies from cancer. I am praying for her.
What if this baby was your daughter/sister/niece .. etc. How would you feel?
If you don’t have a heart or a care in the world.. Keep scrolling.


The Beautiful Life.: josh.


so last week at lunch i walk around the corner and bump into a little guy and knock his tray on the ground. Immediately i feel horrible and start to offer to buy the kid a lunch but before he evens listen to what i have to say he starts to yell about his pizza and how i need to go buy him a new one. to top things off i find out that he’s a little special and now i really feel terrible. eventually the teacher assisting him tells me that i dont have to and that she’ll handle it all. The rest of my day i cant stop talking about the little guy who’s pizza i knocked to the floor. finally yesterday in school i see the lady that told me i didnt have to buy him a lunch and i asked her where the kid normally is during lunch. so today at lunch i show up to the kids room and as soon as i mention knocking over his lunch he goes on to apologize about yelling at me and telling me how people say things they dont mean when theyre angry. I tell him it’s fine and i could see why he’d be angry and tell him i brought him a rice krispy to make it up to him. I’ve never seen someones face GLOW the way his did when i pulled the rice krispy out of my pocket. He was soooo excited and being able to make his day after possibly ruining it last week really made me feel great. then after school i head to work and as i walk into the mall a lady walks up to me and asks me for a dollar to help her ride the bus home. i say sure and pull out my wallet to give her the dollar, but as i walk away i hear her mumble that now she has to find another dollar and she can ride the bus. Instead of letting her search for who knows how long to find someone else to give her a dollar i pull another dollar out of my wallet and tell her have a safe trip home. She gave me a huge smile and told me to have a blessed day. It’s not about the things that are given to you or how many people in school know you or how many people reblog your tumblr post, its about creating moments like the ones today when the lady smiled knowing she would make it home and when Josh got so excited over the rice krispy i’d gotten for him. true happiness comes from giving to others and making them happy, try it.